We Build Amazing Websites

We design and build, beautiful functional websites that will enhance your business. 15 years experience in this industry keeps us at the front of design trends.

We understand that some people are unsure about whether a Web Agency are up to their design standards or not so at Northland Websites  we don’t even ask for a deposit until we have built your “basic” website and you are happy with it. (See Reason#2 for more information)

See Your Website Before You Pay a Cent!

We are so confident in our ability to exceed your expectations that we don’t even ask for the deposit until you are happy with the first draft of your website. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the website we build, or decide we we are not the fit for your business – you can walk away – obligation free; Without even having paid us a cent. However be warned – clients love the websites we build them and we have never had a single instance where a client walked away.

Smart Phone Friendly Website : Every Client

We are the biggest advocates of businesses having a smartphone friendly website – you will not find people more passionate about this than us. We know that having a mobile friendly website is sometimes more important than having a regular computer friendly website – Which is why every a smart phone friendly website is built for you -wether you ask for one or not.  It would be irresponsible of us to allow any business to not have one. We build separate smart-phone friendly websites for every we job we do – End of story.

We Build SEO into Every Website

Whilst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an almost separate industry; We know that nobody  understands, nor is able to implement,  SEO better than a good Web Designer. As good designers, we give your website the biggest the biggest head start possible by  designing and building SEO into every aspect of your site. Before it is live it is alreadly has an advantage over your competitors.

Flexible Payment Plans

As an agency that caters to small business; We understand that small business does not always have the funds to pay for a professional custom website upfront. That’s why we have 12 month payment plans that our packages.

We Can Do Everything in-House

Need a logo or professional photography for your website? Look no further than Northland Websites. Our background is creative as well as technical. We can do all the things required for your website at a fraction of the cost that those professions usually charge.  We can also build bigger website projects no matter how complicated.

We Do Not Outsource

Unlike some agencies today – we do not outsource any of our work. All the work we do, we do in-house; We understand how websites work.  All the work is done by New Zealanders in New Zealand; not overseas by workers in third world countries who are paid a fraction of what an agency charges.

Ongoing Support

We consider the completion of your website as the beginning of our working relationship; Not the end of it. We will always strive to promote your website and enhance your business. We will be there for anything you or your staff may need. Think of us as your own website department.

Every Site We Build is CMS Enabled

Because of the ever-growing popularity of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WORDPRESS and JOOMLA we will build your website using a CMS. The only time it is not CMS is  unless you request otherwise or the scope of what you require is beyond that of a CMS (in which case we advise you). We build in CMS because having a website that anyone with basic computer knowledge can update and change makes good business sense. You mght want a CMS or you might not want it. We will build in CMS in case your situation changes and you have staff who can update and change regularly.

We Care About Your Business

We define our own success by how successful our clients business is. We know that a website is the most powerful marketing tool a business can have – so a successful website is one that can market your business/product so well so that your business grows. When your business grows: Ours does too.